Apple AirTag helps owner locate stolen car

Imagine going outside your house expecting to see your car parked in its usual place only to be greeted by a empty space with no car in sight. That’s exactly what happened to Scotty, who shared his story over on Reddit.

After contacting his family to make sure they hadn’t borrowed his Subaru Forester, Scotty did the obvious thing and contacted the police but they didn’t seem very optimistic that the car could be found. Thankfully, the owner had recently purchased a four pack of Apple’s AirTag item trackers and had put a spare one in the sunglasses holder of his car.

For those that aren’t aware, AirTags are little coin shaped tracking devices equipped with Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband technology. They rely on being near other iPhone users to connect to and send their encrypted location back to the owner.

Using the Find My app on his phone, Scotty was able to see that his car had been taken to a Walmart parking lot just half an hour away. Now things didn’t go completely smoothly from here, the thief found and removed the AirTag in the parking lot, but the car was soon returned to its owner.

Being priced at just $29, AirTags could make a simple and affordable way to track down your car if the worst was to happen. Just make sure you put in somewhere less noticeable than the sunglasses holder.

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